Hello! My name is Althea and I am the creator of Nemo & Stitch. 

I started quilting 2018 after a soft, gentle nudge on the shoulder from the universe.

A person wearing blue, black and purple with curly hair sits outside in a green chair next to a wooden box full of different colored baby quiltsOutside of the few handmade quilts in my childhood home, no one I knew quilted. With the encouragement of my grandma and her sewing machine, I found myself determined and immersed in the seemingly endless inspiration online. I didn't know about patterns, quilting supplies or how to sew a 1/4 inch seam, but with the help of Youtube University and the generosity of quilter blogs I found my way through.   
That first quilt sparked a creative passion that has lead me here, where I sell my creations and share my favorite quilty things. All of my quilts tie together the traditional with the modern. I like to incorporate vintage, found fabrics with new and riff on traditional quilting blocks passed down to us from the artists before us.
Four handmade baby quilts in different warm colors (pink, yellow, purple, brown) are draped over a tree branch